How to be like Barney Stinson: It's gonna be LEGEN.. wait for it.. DAIRY.

Learn everything you need to become as AWESOME as Barney Stinson. This eBook includes everything from his suits to the Barney Stinson lifestyle.

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Barney Stinson's Skills You will Learn in this eBook

  • Magic Tricks!
  • Doing good with the ladies
  • Dressing in style
  • Partying in style
  • Never ending awesome quotes

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Barney's Lifestyle

    Barney Stinson has an unique lifestyle:

    – Awesome job
    – Great Friends
    – Living the life

    This chapter we focus on the rules Barney applies to his own life.

  • Legendary Magic Tricks!

    Doing Magic Tricks at the bar is legen.. DARY.

    Barney has a great fire trick and some other awesome tricks up his sleeve as well.

    This chapter teaches you all the magic you need to know.

  • Dressing AWESOME.

    Barney Stinson knows how to dress.

    SUIT UP!

    This chapter will learn you how to suit up like Barney. You will learn all about the suits he is wearing and where you can get them. This includes all his awesome outfits as well!

  • Get the Girls' Number

    Barney Stinson managed to have a perfect week. Yes, this is what you think it is.

    In this chapter you will learn how work the ladies like Barney Stinson does.

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Your book is great and helpful to all the aspiring Bros out there. If you happen to write another book regarding Barney Stinson please inform me, I'd be interested in reading it
Ryan Laurant
Ryan Laurant

This guide contains all the information about Barney you wish to know. What will be discussed in the 51 pages

Barney’s Lifestyle
Everything about why he lives like he does and how you can do this as well.

Barney’s Apartment
All about Barney’s apartment and the cool stuff inside.

The Work Ethic of Mister Stinson
Everything from the cool jokes he pulls off till the awesome motivational posters hanging around.

Dressing like Barney
Where can you get the suits? How does he wear the suits. This guide doesn’t stop at regular suits only, it describes all his Halloween outfits and all the other gear he is wearing regularly. (For instance, Suitjamas!)

The magic tricks Barney pulls are awesome. They are all explained inside.

Picking up girls like Barney
No one knows how to pick up girls like Barney does. In this guide I dissect his ways and explain to you how you can pull this off as well.

Talking like Barney
Barney has a certain way of talking. He has great expressions, sayings and knows how to persuade his friends with these words. This guide will explain to you how you can come up with your own expressions and will give you some inspiration for this.

  • BONUS! 214 Legen.. DARY quotes of Barney Stinson

    To give you a head start in being AWESOME you will receive the eBook ‘214 legen.. DARY quotes of Barney Stinson‘ for free with this eBook!

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